Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

Cyprus – 4/5 November 2020

Booking & Event Information

Pafos: Wednesday 4 November 2020
Markideio Municipal Theatre, 20:30

Lefkosia: Thursday 5 November 2020
Pallas Theatre, Pafos Gate, 20:30

Conductor: Silvia Massarelli
Supporters: Pafos Municipality


  • Fr. Delius: Two pieces for small orchestra
  • A. Roussel: Concert pour petit orchestre
  • I. Stravinsky: Pulcinella Suite

Frederic Delius’s Two pieces for small orchestra (1911-12), titled “On hearing the first cuckoo in spring” and “Summer night on the river” are two miniature tone poems of alluring character, rich in nature sounds and imagery. Albert Roussel’s Concerto for small orchestra (1927) is a remarkably characterful work exhibiting some of the composer’s typical traits: energized rhythmic drive and richly colourful and brilliant orchestration. Roussel probably called it a concerto in the French Baroque sense of the word: a large scale work for an instrumental ensemble. Igor Stravinsky’s Pulcinella Suite is comprised of eight movements from his ballet Pulcinella (1920), the first masterpiece of his Neo-classical output. The work exhibits Stravinsky’s fascination with eighteenth century music and musical forms. As he remarked: “Pulcinella was my discovery of the past, the epiphany through which the whole of my late work became possible.”